Crystal Patch: A web/mobile design company, working to create a partnership to fulfill personalized help from staff that has knowledge, experience and capabilities to succeed

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About Us

Crystal Patch is a simple company, here simply to help you. We all have been in that position when you are talking to someone about your computer and within minutes you are lost and have no idea what they are talking about. You stand there not wanting them to know you are completely lost. So you agree quickly, even if you do not know what you are agreeing to.

If this has happen to you then you are not alone. Crystal Patch is a no games, no confusion and no forcing anything on you. Helping you to set the pace of your creation.

See at Crystal Patch, we want you to know what is going on, that is how our partnership works. We will explain everything before we do anything! So you can rest assure Crystal Patch, is right here helping you to succeed.


What our clients say about us

Where do I begin. Working with "Crystal Patch" was easier than I thought it ever could be. I called to get a quote, after speaking with Khan we came to the quote quickly and it was less than anywhere else I've checked. That in itself was great but it was not even the best part. Khan would work with me on what I wanted and my website ended up looking so much better than I ever thought. He would send our comments out to the designers and exactly what I wanted would return. I would never use anyone except Crystal Patch again.

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