Landing Pages

If you have ever worked with a SEO company then you know what landing pages are. If you have not I’m sure you are assuming a landing page is a page that you are looking at.

A landing page could be confusing but we will try to make it clearer. Let’s start with Google and Bing. When you need to find something what do you enter into the search? If you know the company that helps, but if not then you enter what skill, food, or item you are looking for. Next you see is a long list that pops ups. Not all companies can put everything they do on their website. So what do they do? They build landing pages. These landing pages focus on one keyword you want to be considered for. The landing page would then link back to your website but will not have the chance for someone to go from website to landing page. The important part of this is the content and pictures need to be truly about the keyword. If the landing page is not then the chance of bounces will be high. A bounce is when someone goes to that page and leaves it within 30-45 seconds. Now you could see how valuable landing pages could be for your company.


Working in sales comes down to almost every job. It’s like customer service. If you work at all you are dealing with both sales and customer service. Imagine selling something to someone you offended? It would be a very hard job to accomplish, don’t you think? That is how sales can be a big part of your website. Visualize the way you could set up a website that would turn people away without even giving you a chance. These are the things that we can help you steer from and gain sales with.

Squeeze Pages

I remember first hearing about squeeze pages, I thought “do they really squeeze pages together? I know pretty ridiculous don’t you think?

Well, I got the right answer and it made more sense. Squeeze pages are forms that you use to have visitors sign-in, log-in, or ask anything from you. The importance of squeeze pages is for the company to communicate with their viewers. The more traffic you get on your website the more important these squeeze pages become. You might have a newsletter or updated portfolios you want to invite them to visit. These are important. The core traffic the more people will mention you. So don’t pass up on the squeeze pages, I would have a link to one on every page!

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