WordPress Theme & Plugins

If you have ever had the pleasure of working with WordPress themes you understand how easy it is to navigate. If you have not used WordPress themes then let me explain exactly how easy it is for anyone to use.

Working with WordPress themes you are able to pick from many templates.  This is why we ask for you to look through different websites within your business, and come up with 3 or 4 that you like.  Then we come together to discuss what you like of each website.  It could be the colors of one, or the heading of another, maybe even the shopping cart.  Once we have that information we can work with one of the WordPress themes that can give you the closest look that you want.  As partners you will let us know what is right and what you want different.  Once this is figured out we will show you how to change content, add pictures, and work with plugins for your website.  This way you can make small changes to your website by yourself.  You can’t beat having a WordPress Theme & amp; Plugins to give the feeling of being involved with your website!